You definitely need to paint your Porsche Taycan in Rubystone Red

By topgear, 26 August 2021

Porsche Taycan update includes new colour palette featuring this cool 964 hue 

porsche taycan and 964 in rubystone red

Porsche has announced a round of model year updates for the Taycan. As its all singing, all dancing electric sports saloon, we should probably focus on all the tech upgrades.

We're told there’s an increase to its real-world range figures (though no update to the official WLTP figures). Android Auto is incorporated into the infotainment. You can park it with a phone app if your garage – or the last empty space at Aldi – is a bit too wee to open the door and clamber out.

But those are mere details. The really big news is that Porsche has raided its Nineties paint cupboard to offer a wilder palette, while also broadening your colour options to ‘infinite’ thanks to its full paint-to-sample scheme, which means you can match your Taycan to your watch strap, shoelaces or whatever else you fancy.

How best to illustrate this in a shorthand way? Why, by daubing one in Ruby Star – aka Rubystone Red, aka pink – from the 964-gen Porsche 911’s brochure, then photographing the two together.

Don’t they look fantastic? A glimpse of a petrolhead future too, perhaps – an EV for everyday, a flat-six sports car for sunny days and weekend breaks. Colour matching optional…

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