You can now dispose old electronics at Volvo showrooms

By daryl, 22 March 2021

Listen up, Malaysians. Volvo's latest initiative is for everyone with an obsolete electronic device lying around the house, be it a laptop that no longer boots up, an iPhone with a single digit to its name or even a PlayStation that's no longer functional. Let's be real, that's probably most of us.

In its latest sustainability effort that goes in line with the Volvo Green Planet campaign aimed at reducing the company's carbon footprint, Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) has partnered E-waste Recycling Through Heroes (ERTH) to equip all Volvo dealerships nationwide with an E-waste Green Box. These boxes are meant to provide Malaysians with an avenue to responsibly dispose and recycle their used electronics. 

Whether you're in the market for a new Volvo or not is immaterial; VCM is opening its doors to anyone who wishes to offload their electronic waste without polluting our landfills with potentially hazardous materials. The E-waste Green Box will be located in an area visible to the general public and not just to prospective customers. And anything that fits into the box goes as long as it runs on electricity or batteries. ERTH also provides free pickup services for bulkier items via its app. 


At Volvo, we walk the talk. Instead of only talking about sustainability, we drive it by embracing and integrating the practice into our business and day-to-day life


- Akhtar Sulaiman, Marketing & PR Director of VCM

ERTH is a registered organisation with the Malaysian Department of Environment that collects, purchases and transports electronic waste to be recycled at local government-licensed recycling facilities. Its recycling process is in line with the guidelines from the Basel Convention. 

Ready to part with years of dust-coated nostalgia? Locate the Volvo dealership nearest to you via the company's official website. All of them will be equipped with an E-Waste Green Box. There will even be one placed at the security post of the Swedish carmaker's manufacturing site in Shah Alam, such is its dedication to reducing our carbon footprint.