Yes, you do need a 675bhp supercharged Ford F-150

By topgear, 09 September 2020

Earlier this year, we brought you news of Mil-Spec Automotive’s take on the Ford F-150. The Michigan-based tuner had shunned the EcoBoost V6 that Ford uses in the top-spec Raptor, and had instead fitted a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 producing 500bhp. Strong. 

That round number was clearly not strong enough for some, though, because Mil-Spec has now unveiled an even tougher supercharged version of its hardcore pickup, which features 675bhp and 840Nm of torque. The ‘charged F-150’s V8 also gets a new throttle body, intake and a cat-back exhaust as well as upgraded fuel rails, new injectors and a new intercooler.

Looks pretty impressive too, doesn’t it? Mil-Spec fits special Baja fenders that are seven inches wider than those on a Raptor, and there’s signature LED lighting front and rear. There’s also an optional low-profile roof rack (complete with many spotlights) and a bed rack fitted with a spare wheel for that perfect pre-runner image. 

You’ll want the Baja Performance Suspension package, which brings with it those Fox Racing shocks and 12 inches of suspension travel, and Mil-Spec says it has fitted new rear shock mounts to retain the F-150’s towing capabilities.

What do we think, Internet? Is this something you’d include in your dream three-car garage?