Yep, this is a BMW i8 police car

By topgear, 06 December 2018

Unfortunately, the Polizei-spec BMW i8 you see here isn’t going into active service with Germany’s finest. It’s the work of tuner AC Schnitzer, and rather than pursuing baddies down the Autobahn, its purpose is to promote a national campaign that combats illegal and unsafe tuning.


Under the colourful Polizei wrap is an i8 augmented with some subtle mods. 20mm lower suspension and lightweight alloy wheels supposedly give better handling. The carbon-fibre splitter, spoiler and trim pieces might give a tiny aero benefit, but we suspect they’re more for show than anything else. Meanwhile the interior gets aluminium shit paddles, pedals and an iDrive controller.

No word on power, so we’re assuming the 1.5-litre, three-cylinder turbo engine and electric motors haven’t been touched. No matter – the Polizei i8 should still be capable of 0-100 in a respectable 4.4 seconds and 250kph, even with the aero-compromising lightbar.

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