Yay! Peugeot has made a pick-up

By topgear, 21 February 2020

This is the Peugeot Landtrek, and it makes us sad. For we will likely never get our mitts upon one. It’s a thoroughly developed pick-up truck: based on the Changan Kaicheng F70 from China, but with an impressive amount of Peugeotfication applied. From pictures alone it appears a more convincing identity change than the Nissan Navara to Mercedes X-Class project.

So you’ve got the switches and steering wheel from the current range of Peugeot saloons and SUVs on the inside, and some fairly natural looking design cues on the outside. We couldn’t decipher which pick-up it was based upon without some research, put it that way.

Like most utes, it comes with a dizzying amount of options. So you can have two- or four-wheel drive, petrol or diesel, manual or automatic and a single or double cab up front. Behind that, you can have an array of beds, or no bed at all, for sticking whatever you like on the back of it.

And there’s some proper heritage here, too. Peugeot has actual pick-up history thanks to the 404 and 504. The latter is achingly cool.

All told, then, we’re a bit put out we won’t get this one on European shores. You lucky Latin Americans and Sub-Saharan Africans, though, can order one soon.