What should I do with my car after caught in a flood?

By ramieza, 22 December 2021

What should I do with my car after caught in a flood? 

1) Do not start your engine 

Do not attempt to restart the engine of a car that has been submerged in floodwater immediately after the water level recedes. Doing so could cause damage to your car’s electronic engine control unit (ECU), which can be considerably expensive to fix. 

2) Dry the car 

Keep your doors and windows open, wipe the car seats because a wet car could welcome the growth of mould, and that is one going to be another major problem that you will definitely want to avoid.


3) Crosscheck the damage 

Check your car’s air filter and oil dipstick. If both of these have not dry, do not start your car’s engine. Do not forget to also a close look at your car’s brake pads and coolant reservoir, as these are easily damaged and contaminated by water.

4) Seek for help 

It is the best for you to get an expert to properly check your car, so call a mechanic or car servicer and have them take a look at your car. They will be able to give you a detailed explanation of the damages you’re dealing with.