Updated Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus 2 announced

By thoriq, 30 September 2019

Goodyear Malaysia have just announced the availability of its updated Assurance DuraPlus 2 entry level tyres locally. It now promises longer mileage and enhanced durability thanks to the inclusion of Goodyear’s TredLife Technology in its design.

According to the firm, the Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus 2 now uses a new and innovative symmetric tread design with a larger width. This allows a larger surface area contact with the road and enhanced flexibility to rotate in the event of irregular wear.

Additionally, the DuraPlus 2 tyre also employs an enhanced cavity shape that helps to provide a more squarish and balanced footprint to evenly distribute contact pressure, leading to extended mileage.

Narrow lateral grooves along the side of the tyres on the other hand, assist in reducing road noise caused by air pumping. Noise is further reduced with the use of rubber strips between the ply and liner to physically dampen any vibrations.

Besides that, the new DuraPlus 2 tyre benefits with an enhanced compound formula too. It is present throughout the tread and sidewall. Furthermore, the use of two layers of high modulus (minimum) and low shrinkage ply material in the sidewall helps ensure strong resistance to external impacts as well.

“These elements increase the overall durability of the tyre, to deliver unmatched mileage tread life, which is important in a country like Malaysia that has a variety of road conditions,” says Goodyear Malaysia Benjamin Chong.

The Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus 2 is now available at all Goodyear AutoCare centres across Malaysia, with sizes ranging from 13- to 16-inches retailing between RM136.00 to RM293.00.