This swirly McLaren Artura is lovely, but is it art?

By topgear, 02 March 2022

British artist Nat Bowen has created an artistic vision out of McLaren's hybrid sports car

You might consider the McLaren Artura to be a work of art in itself, but renowned British abstract artist Nat Bowen disagrees, so she’s had a go at tarting one up for her new exhibition in Dubai. They say Monet makes the world goes round, but this piece will cost you £180,000 just for the canvas when it finally goes on sale.

The car’s exterior features “translucent resin pigments” (technical art term), a coating of resin with special tints that are supposed to catch the light differently depending on where you’re standing. Bowen is known for her multi-layered resin pieces and has sold to collectors all over the world.

The artist says the artwork is intended to explore “Chromology”, the psychology behind colour and how your brain responds to it, as well as themes of art and future. We’re not classically trained artists, but we’re enjoying the overarching themes of ‘Big car go fast, look pretty’.

“It has been an honour to work with McLaren Automotive on this exciting concept and display it as part of my first solo exhibition in Dubai,” says Nat Bowen. “My goal was to provide a truly immersive experience and transport the visitors into a meditative state away from everyday distraction, as well as allow them to further explore and develop their relationship with colour.”

Have a look through images above and let us know how your relationship with colour has been developed. 

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