This is AC Schnitzer's 400bhp BMW Z4

By topgear, 29 November 2019

In perhaps the least surprising news ever, AC Schnitzer has done exactly the same things to the BMW Z4 as it did to the Toyota Supra.

That means a power upgrade to 400bhp and 599Nm from 340bhp and 500Nm, coilover suspension that lowers the ride-height by between 15 and 25mm, a louder exhaust, bigger wheels/tyres and various carbon addenda. ACS says all these modifications indicate that “very special moments of driving pleasure are possible” in its tuned M40i. Hmmm.

The company will of course offer bits and pieces for lesser powered Z4s too – the four-cylinder 20i and 30i. All the aesthetic stuff, for starters, then power upgrades will follow. Here the suspension delivers a greater drop of up to 35mm (reflecting the fact 4cyl Z4s ride higher than the 6cyl to begin with), while the exhaust is obviously slightly less serious-sounding.

All AC Schnitzer Z4s get a five-year warranty, making this a very low-risk way of modifying your brand new car.

More images for you to gawp upon in the gallery prepared below...