The new BMW 5 Series has multi-player gaming features

By Clifford, 30 May 2023

The new BMW 5 Series has multi-player gaming features

BMW has teamed up with an online video games platform called AirConsole. The new collaboration means occupants of the new all-electric 5 Series can pass the time playing games while the car is charging.

Launched last week, the new 5er features a veritable swathe of tech-based firsts amidst which sits the smart new gaming feature. Obviously, safety first means it's only available when the car's parked up.

Via AirConsole, the driver and passengers can connect their smartphones to use as controllers. The fancy curved display acts as a gaming monitor. Granted, you’re not going to be picking up from where you last saved in Fortnite… at least, not yet.

Even so, there’s a choice of solo or multi-player efforts, with 15 games available initially. Rear and front passengers can compete or team-up to play racing, sports, quiz, simulation, strategy and puzzle games.

AirConsole has over 190 games and we’re told BMW will continue to add to the portfolio. To celebrate the feature, Bimmer has wrapped a new 5 Series in a purple, 8-bit-inspired design.

The new electric 5 Series- dubbed the i5 - has an 81.2kWh battery, capable of about 300 miles of range, depending on spec. Topping up the juice from 10-80 per cent can be done in roughly 30 minutes, relatively brief by charging standards.

Yet knowing how short the attention spans of some kids can be, the feature will likely come in handy for parents on taxi duty, or those families with nerves frayed by long journeys.

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