The most hardcore Honda Civic Type R is sold out

By topgear, 23 March 2020

Bad luck – the most hardcore version of the new, facelifted Honda Civic Type R has sold out. It was only announced back in February, but already 20 people have committed to buying the Limited Edition without seeing, sitting in, driving or even knowing how much one would cost. Brave.

We now know the price at least - £39,995 (approx. RM207,215). Besides exclusivity, that gets you lightweight 20-inch BBS alloy wheels and special ‘Sunlight Yellow’ paint, but no air-conditioning or sat-nav. Honda’s also junked a load of sound-deadening (but not the rear-seats) to trim a total of 47kg from the Type R’s kerbweight.

Happily, other versions of the new Type R aren’t limited production. Prices haven’t been announced yet, but you’ll still be able to get a regular Type R and of course the more subtle Type R Sport Line, which does without the massive wing and gets softer-compound tyres and more sound-deadening. All new Type Rs get an Alcantara steering wheel, a bigger front grille opening for better cooling, improved infotainment and better brakes.

And they all use the same engine – the same 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder with 316bhp and 400Nm.

Now the stripped-out one has sold-out, would you go for the subtle one or the standard one?