The Manhart MH5 is a 713bhp BMW M5

By topgear, 08 July 2018

If you think the latest, near-600bhp BMW M5 seems a bit tame, then apparently – though surprisingly – you’re not alone. This is the Manhart MH5 700, and as well as a bold carbon body kit, it’s been turned well past 700bhp.

It’s an M5 with its twin-turbo V8 boosted to 713bhp and 869Nm, up from 592bhp and 750Nm. No official 0-100kph time has been quoted, though a 100-200kph time (naturally) of 5.9sec is quoted. Relevant for accelerating onto derestricted autobahn, at least.

Amongst visual changes, the MH5 has new carbon spoilers front and rear and an aggressive diffuser, improving aerodynamics and providing a far more original appearance than a regular M5.

The MH5 also has a stainless-steel exhaust, making it easier to show off. But if you spec yours with the gold stripe and gold-rimmed 21in alloys, you won’t need any help with that anyway….