The largest Honda Civic FK8 Type- R track night and gathering

By ramieza, 23 August 2022

The largest Honda Civic FK8 Type- R track night and gathering

The Civic FK8 Type-R Community creates a new history in organizing the most prominent single model (FK8) track night and gathering in Malaysia, which is held in Sepang International Circuit. 120 Honda Civic FK8 Type R from all over the country including some from Singapore will join this first-time event.

This event will bring together the Civic FK8 Type-R from 2017 to 2021, breaking the previous FK8 & single model Type-R gathering record in Sepang Circuit. The Honda Civic FK8 Type-R is one of the models that has become a craze since its first year of release because it looks more aggressive and practical than its predecessors.

With over 300 expected visitors, this event will be strictly controlled for the safety of the visitors and participant’s vehicles. Circuit sessions and a lucky draw with attractive and lucrative prizes will be among the activities planned.

"From the Honda Civic FK8 community, we are very proud to be able to gather 120 cars for a track night session this time. But unfortunately, not all Honda Civic FK8 owners have the chance to test their car's performance. So we organized this event to allow all Honda Civic FK8 owners to enhance their driving skills while simultaneously pushing their car to the limit in a safer and appropriate place. Furthermore, this event is a preparation for a more significant event that will be held at the end of this year, where it will gather more Type R models from all of Malaysia and

So we hope this event strengthens our relationship, and this track night becomes a yearly event for our community." said the representative of the Honda Civic FK8 Type-R Community, Mr Farizal.