The Cullinan is the fastest-selling Rolls-Royce in history

By topgear, 08 January 2020

Rolls-Royce has told us that its Cullinan, a ‘car’ you will undoubtedly have Opinions on (Mr Harris certainly does), has become the fastest-selling Rolls-Royce motor car in history. That’s… that’s a biggie.

We say ‘car’, because the Cullinan really isn’t. It’s an SUV, albeit the most exclusive and most expensive of the lot, and in Rolls’s words that nobody uses, it’s not even an SUV, but a ‘high-sided’ vehicle. In 2019, the Cullinan helped Rolls-Royce shift 5,152 cars worldwide, which doesn’t sound like a lot considering Ford probably sells that many Fiestas by the time you’ve read this sentence.

But it is significant because it’s 25 per cent more than what Rolls sold in 2018. Yeah, nice one, Cullinan. Oh sure, Rolls still trumpets the Phantom as the Top Dog, but it’s the ‘high-sided’ one that everyone wants. Who woulda thought it, eh?

In other Rolls-Royce news, we’ll also see a brand new Ghost later this year. First introduced way back in 2009, and later updated in 2014, the next generation Ghost has apparently been in development for some five years.

It’ll likely sit on the same platform that underpins all new Rolls, and considering how excellent the Phantom is and how excellent the old Ghost was, we expect nothing less than excellence for the new one.

Indeed, Rolls reckons it’ll “elevate the Ghost name to new heights of excellence and ambition in design, engineering, materials and driving dynamics”. Watch this space.