The all-new Mercedes-AMG C63S is here and it's a hybrid

By Gokul, 22 September 2022

You get a lot of power, but the glorious V8 engine note will be missed

Mercedes-AMG C63S E Performance

The new Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E Performance is finally here, and the folks at Mercedes-Benz claim that it is a real game changer in the 55-year history of AMG. 

The main highlight is the two-speed electric motor which is positioned on the rear axle which supports the 2.0-litre turbo engine that is mounted longitudinally at the front. In case you didn't know, it is the most powerful production four-cylinder in the world. 

So, thanks to the electric motor, power delivery and torque build-up occurs spontaneously and without delay just like a Formula 1 car. Plus, the electric support of the exhaust gas turbocharger eliminates the turbo lag of the combustion engine, while at the same time the electric drive pushes powerfully from a standstill. 

Mercedes-AMG C63S E Performance

According to Mercedes-Benz, the electric powertrain and the high-performance battery with 400 volts are AMG-exclusive, in-house developments.

Just like in Formula 1, the battery is specifically designed for fast power output and draw with innovative direct cooling of the cells. The combined system output is 680 hp, the combined maximum system torque 1020 Nm. These are new peak values for the C-Class.

Other highlights of the new model series, which is being launched simultaneously as a Saloon and as an Estate for the first time in a C63 include the fully variable all-wheel drive system AMG Performance 4MATIC+ which is used to transfer the drive power to the road, and includes a Drift Mode for even more driving pleasure. 

Mercedes-AMG C63S E Performance

Added to this is active rear axle steering as standard, another unique feature in this segment.

As in Formula 1, the battery is specifically designed for fast power delivery and take-up. The electric range of 13 kilometres allows a practical operating radius, for example in the city or in residential areas.

Design wise, the new C 63S differs from that of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class in its more muscular proportions. The Saloon and Estate models are both based on an extensively modified AMG bodyshell. 

Mercedes-AMG C63S E Performance

While the front end is 50 millimetres longer and the front wings are wider than the regular C-Class, the C63S is also 83 mm than longer, 76 mm wider, and comes with a wheelbase that is 10 mm longer. This results in a layout that gives the new C 63S a stretched and muscular look.

In the interior, there are the AMG sports seats with special upholstery layout and a distinctive stitching pattern, and many individual choices available for the owner to choose from.

Mercedes-AMG C63S E Performance

Last but not least, there are eight driving modes to choose from - “Electric”, “Comfort”, “Battery Hold”, “Sport”, “Sport+”, “RACE”, “Slippery” and “Individual”, all of which are precisely tailored to the new drive technology and thus offer a wide range of driving experiences.