Say hello to the wild Zyrus LP1200 Strada

By topgear, 07 January 2021

Back in June last year (how long ago does that feel?) we brought you news of a fantastically bonkers creation in Norway. It was called the Zyrus LP1200 and was essentially a Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo with added carbon fibre and a bespoke twin-turbo setup allowing the 5.2-litre V10 to produce 1,200bhp.

Sounds mega doesn’t it? The best news of all, though, was that Zyrus Engineering planned to make 12 of the 24 LP1200s completely road legal…

We now have more details and images of that road-legal version, and boy does it look special. It’s called the LP1200 Strada and still features twin turbos, although the power figure stands at a piddly 900bhp to use on the road. Not to worry though – with the help of a smartphone app you can dial it right back up to 1,200bhp when you reach a circuit. Make sure to remember your big kid pants for that. 

The Strada isn’t just a modified Super Trofeo with some number plates, though. It may look similar to the track-only LP1200 (now known as the LP1200 R) but it actually starts life as a Huracán LP640-4. It’s then rebuilt by hand with over 600 new parts and a HUGE rear wing to help put down all that power.

More stats? Well, it weighs 1,427kg and produces 2,010kg of downforce at 200kph. There’s an inconel manifold, a titanium exhaust system and prices start at €595,000 (around RM2.94 million+). Oh, and did we mention that MASSIVE wing?

The Trofeo-based LP1200 R is also available to buy outright if you don’t fancy driving to and from the track (or popping down to the shops) in your 1,200bhp Huracán. Prices for that will start at €525,000 (approx. RM2.6 million) and buyers of either car will get a free ‘track day familiarisation package’ courtesy of Zyrus’ race team and engineers. A bargain, surely?