Peugeot present its vision of future automobile

By ramieza, 09 January 2023

Peugeot present its vision of future automobile 

Peugeot has presented its vision for the future of electric cars, where it previewed its latest concept sedan called the "Inception.

Inception — named after the Latin word "Inceptio," which means the beginning — was built on one of Stellantis' four future BEV-by-design platforms, specifically the one for low sedans.

The car is all angles and sharp lines with panoramic glass windows that go all around its middle, paired with a glass roof. Peugeot says its body shade is made of very fine metal pigments, while the lights on the front bumper incorporate the brand's three emblematic claws.

Seen from the side, the design still has the Peugeot codes of a sleek, elegant saloon, it guides us into the near future, that of electric cars designed on dedicated platforms. The magic of the Peugeot Inception lies in a perfectly seamless transition between the exterior and interior design, thanks in particular to its exclusive

It uses an 800-volt, 100kWh battery technology that gives it the capability to travel 800 km or 497 miles on a single charge and can suck enough juice to travel 150 km (93 miles) within five minutes of being plugged in. The four-wheel drive vehicle can also be recharged by induction, eliminating the need for cables. When it comes to power, Inception's two electric motors can generate 680 horsepower combined and give it the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100kmh in less than 3 seconds. 

The concept also marks the debut of the brand's next-gen cockpit. It replaces the classic steering wheel with a rectangular one called the "Hypersquare," which comes with a tablet-type screen at the center that displays information. There's a circular recess at each corner of the screen that users can program to control certain aspects of their vehicle, so they can easily use their thumbs to access them without having to take their hands off the wheel. 

Peugeot says the Inception will inspire its future electric vehicles, including its most compact models. The first cars based on the design will arrive as soon as 2025.