New DeLoreans will get sound systems by Cambridge Audio

By ramieza, 12 August 2022

New DeLoreans will get sound systems by Cambridge Audio

Here’s a question for you – in the Venn diagram of ‘Reads Top Gear’ and ‘Reads What Hi-Fi?’, how much overlap do you think there is? Because we’re wondering how much we have to explain Cambridge Audio and just how big of a deal they are.

So, if you have your solid standards like Sony, Pioneer and Yamaha, then your ‘Jesus wept, how much?’ brands like Naim, Rega and McIntosh, Cambridge Audio is that sweet spot where the ooft of the price is well-matched by the ooft of the sound. And yes, that’s the technical term.

But why do we care about an audio company? Well, because music is the single greatest thing that man has created – and that’s taking into account the wheel, written language and Tom Hanks. So having that music faithfully and forcefully reproduced in our homes is both an incredible privilege and something worth pursuing.

And the recent trend of proper high-end audio brands lending their skills, expertise and attractive brand name to the automotive industry is the kind of thing we’re weirdly into, like Patrick Bateman and his business cards. But let’s move on.