Mitsubishi's Ralliart is making a comeback after 11 years

By sep, 17 May 2021

It was a sad day back in March 2010 when Mitsubishi announced that they'll be closing its Ralliart division after 25 years of motorsport-inspired goodies and achievements due to sudden economic changes at the time. Now, they've confirmed that the Ralliart brand will be fully revived, and it's not just for some fancy race-inspired parts or special edition vehicles.

Although global sales have dropped everywhere last year compared to 2019 due to COVID-19, Mitsubishi has big plans to ensure that they will recover in all sectors within the coming year. One of that is through the tried and tested promotion via motorsports, which is where Ralliart will step in. Mitsubishi will reengage with racing, and they'll be doing so around the globe.

Within the Mitsubishi financial results presentation slides, the Ralliart segment is only one slide showcasing two aspects that'll hopefully boost their future sales. On one side, there's the power-sliding Mitsubishi Triton (which we're assuming that they'll launch a Ralliart edition). The other side is Ralliart parts, which we can safely assume will be developed through their upcoming racing efforts.

The next couple of years will be an interesting one for Mitsubishi, particularly in the ASEAN market, as they're already planning on launching several new SUV models, as well as releasing the latest-gen Triton, Xpander, and Pajero Sport. Will there be a new Evo? Don't hold your breath, but we're still crossing all of our available fingers. Stay tuned for more updates.

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