Mitsubishi will now deliver your brand new car to your doorstep

By daryl, 11 October 2021

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia extends home delivery service to customers in Klang Valley

Mitsubishi home delivery

You've probably seen videos of YouTube's rich and famous taking delivery of their brand new supercars without even having to set foot in the showroom. A covered trailer appears right in front of their doorstep, the panel opens up and out rolls a multi-million Ringgit ride without a single delivery mile on the clock. 

If you thought that was neat, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has a treat for you. The company's new 'Home Delivery Service' is its latest initiative in digitising its sales processes and minimising contact in a pandemic-stricken era. And it gives customers in the Klang Valley the option of having their brand new Mitsubishi, be it a Triton or Xpander, delivered to their doorstep via a dedicated single-car carrier, just like in those shouty YouTube videos. 

Combined with MMM's Virtual Viewing, Test Drive 2U and Booking Assist offerings, you could technically view, test drive, purchase and service a brand new Mitsubishi without ever setting foot into a showroom - perfect for those who don't fancy waiting room coffee.  

Mitsubishi home delivery
Mitsubishi home delivery

As Malaysia prepares to transition from the COVID-19 pandemic to the endemic phase, Mitsubishi Motors makes an effort to ensure that our digital services are improved for customer’s safety and convenience

Tomoyuki Shinnishi, CEO of MMM