Lexus sold THREE new LFAs in the US last year

By topgear, 08 January 2020

Essentially, this page is merely a gateway; an excuse to stare at and fondly remember the Lexus LFA. Heck, if we didn’t do this every once in a while we’d be sad.

However, holstered onto this mule is some actual news. Toyota’s 2019 year-end sales report was announced recently (wait, come back!), and buried in the small print, at the very bottom, was the fact that in 2019… Lexus sold three brand-new LFAs.

Three! In even more amazing news, it represents a jump on 2018, because in 2018 two brand-new LFAs were sold. Two!

We say ‘brand-new’, when of course we mean ‘unsold’, the LFA having been off-sale now for quite a long time. Indeed, it was only built for two years between 2010 and 2012, and only 500 exist.

Which makes it a bit of a unicorn. Rightly so, too, because the LFA remains one of the BEST CARS EVA. A 500bhp 4.8-litre V10 that revved to tinnitus, and looks that’d shame many a supercar today.

To those that bought a new one last year then, well done. We’re not jealous in the slightest.