It’s the new Dacia Duster Commercial van, and it starts from RM76k

By ramieza, 04 August 2022

It’s the new Dacia Duster Commercial van, and it starts from RM76k

Less than a year after we saw the new Dacia Duster Commercial, comes news of the really new Dacia Duster Commercial.

So, welcome everyone to the New New Duster van! Keen commercial van enthusiasts (what what) will immediately spot the titanic differences that separate the 2021 car from the 2022 car. 

And for those that don’t, it’s quite simple: the 2022 Duster CV gets the company’s new ‘visual identity’… which is a new badge, a new grille, and the inclusion of the badge in the middle of each wheel and around the back. Yuge.

The other difference is the price: like everything in the world, it’s gotten more expensive. Where it started from just under RM76k, it now starts at just under RM78k, and that gets you into the base ‘Essential’ trim with an 89bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol. There’s a 148bhp version of that engine, too.

Just the one diesel, mind – a 1.5-litre four-cylinder with 113bhp – which is the only engine available with four-wheel-drive. Over Essential, there’s only an ‘Expression’ trim, but as standard you get zero rear seats, a flat wooden floor, a new bulkhead, lashing eyes and 1,623 litres of space with up to 503kg of payload capacity.

Elsewhere there’s daytime running LEDs, body-coloured bumpers, 16in wheels (steelies as standard, alloys on ‘Expression’ trim), Bluetooth, USB connectivity and air-con/electric windows. There’s an eight-inch touchscreen on that Expression trim too, along with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, better upholstery and a centre diff lock for the 4x4 version.