Is this Novitec Ferrari 812 better than the original?

By topgear, 25 January 2019
812 Novitec

After yesterday’s Gemballa Porsche 911, allow us to present a modified supercar that’s just a fraction less…outrageous. 

You’re looking at a Ferrari 812 Superfast that’s been worked on by the men and women at Novitec. It doesn’t have any more power (though Novitec says it’s engineers are “working on performance upgrades for the 6.5-litre V12), so besides a fruiter inconel exhaust, this is an exclusively visual upgrade. 

And we reckon it’s just that – an upgrade. The normal 812 isn’t the prettiest Ferrari in the world, but Novitec’s carbon-fibre addenda (which it claims give tangible aero benefits) do make a difference. This is certainly the best-looking 812 we’ve seen, with its staggered 21in (front) and 22in (rear) Vossen wheels, lip spoilers, rocker panels and diffuser. You might even call it tasteful. At a push.

So. Has Novitec done something good? Is this what the Ferrari 812 should’ve looked like from the factory? Have we completely lost our minds?