Is the first Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport specced well?

By topgear, 22 January 2021

It’s very easy to get a little foxed by Bugatti’s current line up. Little over ten years ago it made the Veyron, and nowt else. Try buying a Chiron now and things are a little trickier. And not just because you need well over £2 million [approx. RM11.07 million] to do so.

There’s the standard car, the Sport, the Pur Sport and the Super Sport 300+. Atop those you have the Divo, the Centrodieci specials as well as the new, 1,824bhp Bolide.

So we’d forgive you for not quite remembering why the Chiron Pur Sport costs £3.4 million[approx. RM18.82 million]  without hitting the 300mph [483kph] highs of the Chiron perched about it. Well, keeping our references French, think of it as the Megane Trophy R of the Bugatti range: the lightweight track special, 50kg lighter than standard thanks to delightfully geeky tweaks like 3D-printed titanium exhaust tips.

This is the first one to reach a customer who, despite hailing from the outskirts of New York (thus a land where ‘Renault’ is rarely in anyone’s lexicon), has taken the Megane reference to its nth degree: their Pur Sport twins white paint with much carbon trim and lots of red interior bits.

If your dream two-car garage criteria are weirdly specific – rare, absurdly pricey, white ‘n’ grey, designed for trackdays and, crucially, French – then the mighty Megane and this big Bug are your best solution.

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