Does this Daihatsu preview a future Perodua compact crossover?

By thoriq, 24 October 2019

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 this week, Daihatsu showed off this new and unnamed compact crossover SUV that appears to be production ready. Rumoured to continue carrying Daihatsu’s ‘Rocky’ nameplate, we’re almost certain this doubles up as an early preview of what could become a future Perodua compact crossover SUV too.

Not many details were disclosed, but we can confirm that it rides on Daihatsu’s new DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) platform. It also harnesses a 996cc in-line three-cylinder turbo mill – as per Japanese kei car norms – that’s good for roughly 96bhp and 140Nm, both managed by a CVT automatic box to drive the front wheels.


In terms of size, this unnamed Daihatsu is only slightly longer and wider (LxW: 3,995mm, 1,695mm) than the current third generation Perodua Myvi (LxW: 3,895mm, 1,735mm). It also has a slightly longer 2,525mm wheelbase over said Malaysian hatchback, which measures at 2,500mm.

In the design department, it’s safe to say that this Daihatsu ticks all the right boxes to make it look, well, crossover-esque. In the case of the red car pictured, it clearly stands one of the sportier trimlines, hence its two-tone colourway with blacked-out contrasting exterior panels, snazzy 17-inch alloys, and LED lighting amongst others.

On board, the cabin sports premium-styled floating touchscreen infotainment unit, digital instrument display, electronic parking brake, as well sporty contrasting red stitch works in its fabric seats. There’s also a myriad of button control on the steering wheel and lower dash, signalling this being a high-spec variant yet again.

Will Perodua turn this tasty-looking Daihatsu into one of its own for the local market? That remains to be seen for now....

Nevertheless, we know that the idea of a Myvi-sized, five-seat compact crossover SUV slotted below the seven-seat Aruz offering sounds like a tantalising recipe for many Malaysians indeed.

Typically, if that does happen, we can certainly expect this Daihatsu to turn out a little differently when reduxed as a Perodua. Should the aforementioned Aruz be anything to go by though, perhaps it wouldn’t differ much in terms of styling, and perhaps it will include some level of advanced driver aids in its features list too.

Does a localised version of this Daihatsu offering sound tempting to you? Or would you rather settle with a merely crossover-styled iteration of the current Myvi ala the new Axia Style?

As you ponder on that question, check out more images of this snazzy Daihatsu compact crossover SUV in the gallery below.