Dedicated website for certified pre-owned Mazdas goes live

By daryl, 04 December 2020

Bermaz Motor's Mazda Anshin division, which oversees the trade of pre-owned cars for the company, now has its own official website. The dedicated online portal functions as a one-stop platform for all matters related to pre-owned Mazda vehicles, whether you're hunting for a bargain in the company's fleet of demo cars that have been put on for sale or looking to sell a used Mazda yourself. 

All cars sold through Mazda Anshin will need to undergo a 111-point inspection at selected authorised Mazda Service Centres. Currently, this can be done at the Glenmarie and Petaling Jaya outlets at the cost of RM200 to a customer looking to sell their old Mazda. The process takes approximately one hour and customers will receive a Mazda Anshin certified valuation and recommended selling price. Cars that have been through floods or have major accidental or structural damage will be rejected.  

The thorough inspection and screening process doubles up as assurance for parties who are looking to purchase a pre-owned Mazda. For added peace of mind, Bermaz will also honour any remaining manufacturer's warranty and free service redemptions based on the vehicle's original date of registration. 

Sadly, we didn't have any luck locating a used MX-5 or RX-7 on the site; it was just full of CX-5s at time of writing, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if a new-ish SUV is what you're after. Will some of you help diversify the market already?