David Brown’s Mini Remastered Marshall Edition is a rock’n’roll restomod

By topgear, 06 April 2022

Brit companies combine for an amp-inspired special edition that celebrates Marshall’s 60th birthday

Inexplicable special edition of the week alert: David Brown Automotive has teamed up with fellow Brit company Marshall Amplification to produce this – the inventively-named Mini Remastered Marshall Edition.

Just 60 examples of this 83bhp A-series-engined restomod will be built, with prices yet to be announced. Although knowing David Brown and its ultra-posh Minis, expect the fee to be somewhere north of £100,000 (around RM551,000). Yikes. 

The Marshall Edition is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of (you guessed it) Marshall, and all examples will get the same black and gold paintwork, with ‘Marshall Gold’ brake calipers, those classic 12-inch wheels and everything else you’d expect from a standard Mini Remastered. Up front there’s a unique mesh grille that’s apparently designed to look like the front of Marshall’s audio equipment.

Speaking of audio equipment, on the inside you get some lovely gold switchgear and those ‘skip track’, ‘pause’ and ‘play’ pedals, as well as a massively upgraded in-car sound system and a bespoke Marshall DSL1 Combo amp in the leather-clad boot.

Ahem, *sound* good to you?