Check out these special Xbox Series Xs in Porsche racing liveries

By Clifford, 21 June 2023

Check out these special Xbox Series Xs in Porsche racing liveries

Porsche and Xbox have teamed up for a new collaboration. But don’t worry – we aren’t about to bring you news of a rear-engined sports car that ditches its steering wheel for a console controller.

Instead, the Xbox 75th Anniversary collection sees a number of Series X consoles painted in some classic Porsche racing liveries. And as gimmicky as that may sound, they are actually rather cool.

There’s the Salzburg livery that was on the 917 that gave Porsche its first ever overall win at Le Mans, the Hippie colourway that also appeared on a 917 that same year and the tribal-style white and blue of the Le Mans-winning 911 GT1 from 1998.

Oh, and that’s not forgetting the excellent Pink Pig 917 from 1971, the traditional Martini colours of Moby Dick and the current livery of the 963 that didn’t fare too well at Le Mans this year.

Still, although these special consoles won’t be offered for general sale, gamers will apparently be able to enter sweepstakes for a chance to win one with a matching controller.

“Many people who end up being our most dedicated fans had their first encounter with Porsche through gaming,” says Robert Ader, vice president of marketing at Porsche. “That’s why it plays a key role for us to stay relevant not just among current fans but among new generations, showcasing in the most awesome and engaging way what our brand has to offer.”

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