Charles Frump is the new Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia

By sep, 11 August 2021

Volvo Car Japan, Volvo Car India, and now, Volvo Car Malaysia. Congrats, Mr. Charles Frump.

charles frump volvo car malaysia managing director

Volvo Car Malaysia has officially welcomed its new Managing Director, Charles Frump. Replacing Nalin Jalin who has helmed the position since 2019, Frump will continue to oversee the company's overall operations here in the country as well as shift up a few gears when it comes to the brand's electrification plans.

Coming straight from Volvo Car India, Charles Frump was its Managing Director since 2017 which helped in accelerating the brand's overall growth in the region. His experience with the Swedish brand dates back to 2009 when he started out as the Director of Marketing for Volvo Car Japan. 20 years in the industry has led him to many parts of the world on behalf of Volvo, and now, he's here to make his mark for Volvo Car Malaysia.

According to the newly appointed Managing Director, "I am excited to embark on a new chapter of my journey with Volvo in a new market. I see Malaysia as a crossroad of the places I have been in the past, and I look forward to working closely with the local team, individual by individual, to build our strengths."

As for Volvo's 'Ultimate Safety Test' plan for total electrification by 2030, Frump commented, "The future is electric – this is something we firmly believe in. The children of today will be the drivers of tomorrow, and they are going to grow up in an environment where climate change and global warming are the main issues they will face. To ensure that they will have a safe and green planet to live in, we aim to consistently reduce the life cycle carbon footprint per car through concrete action, which is why we are moving our entire portfolio of vehicles into electrification. We hope that by doing so, we can also help our customers take active steps in sustainability together."

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