Brabus makes the Merc EQS even more aerodynamic, increases range

By ramieza, 12 August 2022

Brabus makes the Merc EQS even more aerodynamic, increases range

This is a Mercedes-Benz that has been modified by Brabus, which means you may be expecting some form of bonkers power upgrade and tyre-shredding torque.

But hang on a second, because the German tuner hasn’t actually touched the powertrain of the EQS. Instead it has focused on aerodynamic efficiency and increasing its all-electric range. Yep, Brabus has gone all sensible.

There’s a new ECU module, but rather than remapping the engine (or electric motor in this case) it targets the air suspension and drops the EQS’s ride-height by 15mm at the front and 20mm at the rear. 

Combined with a number of new 20- to 22-inch wheel design options (Monoblocks for the win) and a couple of carbon fibre add-ons such as a spoiler and a new front lip, this helps improve the Cd value of the EQS by 7.2 per cent. As a result, Brabus says you should get seven per cent more range.

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If our maths are correct and you’ve gone for the 484-mile EQS 450+, that’s almost 34 miles of extra distance just from some slippery wheels and a suspension drop. Might hurt the ride quality though. 

Need people to know you’ve gone to Brabus for your extra range? Well, the tuner will also sell you some light-up scuff plates, aluminium or carbon fibre pedals and some ‘high quality floor mats’. Exciting times…