Aprilia Tuareg 660 unveiled - 80hp, 187kg

By sep, 02 August 2021

Aprilia's 660cc range is finally complete with the Aprilia Tuareg 660 unveiling

The Aprilia Tuareg 660 has finally been unveiled as the third model from the brand's 660cc range. It's been quite some time since the first glimpse of this adventure middleweight during EICMA 2019, but the Tuareg 660 is finally here and it's been described as 'Aprilia’s most advanced riding concept to date'.

Those looking for a middleweight ADV to trash around on roads that are less paved can probably consider the Tuareg 660. Fitted with the same 660cc parallel-twin engine found in the Aprilia RS 660 and Tuono 660, the Tuareg 660 has been tuned to produce 80hp and 70Nm of torque - a considerable decrease compared to the other two 660 models.

When it comes to ADV bikes, how and when the power is delivered carries a more important note, which is why the Tuareg 660 is tuned for better performance from low to mid-range. Aprilia has also pointed out that the Tuareg 660 only weighs 187kg dry, which is relatively a good number in general, but fully fuelled and ready to go, we can safely assume that it'll tip slightly over the 200kg mark. Quite heavy for a middleweight.

A compact chassis construction with a wheelbase of just over 1,500mm means that the Aprilia Tuareg 660 is quite a compact machine for ADV use, and that is further enhanced with the additions of a 43mm front fork plus single rear shock with 240mm suspension travel and an 860mm seat height.

Other highlighted features include:

  • 5-inch TFT screen
  • Switchable ABS
  • Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC)
  • Cruise control
  • Engine brake control + more

There's still a lot of things that we don't know about the latest Aprilia Tuareg 660, but if it does arrive here in Malaysia, there's a high chance that it won't come cheap. The recently launched Aprilia Tuono 660 is priced here in Malaysia at RM77,900 a piece, which is quite a price tag for an Italian 660cc naked bike (even more pricey than its full-fairing sibling, the Aprilia RS 660).

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2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 arrives in Malaysia - RM77,900