Aprilia might have to replace hundreds of engines worldwide

By sep, 06 July 2021

Aprilia might have to run a major recall concerning its latest 660cc models, the 2021 Aprilia RS 660 and Tuono 660. It seems that a poor batch of connecting rods from an undisclosed supplier was not manufactured according to its factory's specifications somehow made their way into hundreds of units that have been shipped all over the world.

According to reliable sources, it is said that this issue affects close to 700 units of Aprilia's latest middleweight models and if not taken care of properly, the faulty connecting rods might possibly lead to engine damage or failure. Their solution to the problem is to not just replace the faulty part, but the entire engine itself.

Affected owners will be contacted soon regarding the matter and will get a brand new engine together with a renewed manufacturer's warranty for the said part. There's no news if any of the said bikes sold in Malaysia are affected by this issue, but we sure hope that the country's official distributor will do good on their part to handle any issues pertaining to the matter at hand.

The 2021 Aprilia RS 660 officially made its debut here in Malaysia back in March 2021 following a long delay due to COVID-19, which was quickly followed by the Tuono 660 which officially arrived in June. The RS 660 initially came at a promo price of RM59,900 (excluding insurance, road tax, and registration) for the first batch before the price was incrementally increased to RM66,000 for the second batch. Currently, the 2021 allocation for the RS 660 here in Malaysia is all sold out, but you still can get the Tuono 660. It'll cost you a whopping RM77,900 though.

2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 price Malaysia
2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 arrives in Malaysia - RM77,900
2021 Aprilia RS 660 price Malaysia
2021 Aprilia RS 660 has arrived in Malaysia! RM59,900