[AD] Get 20 per cent off Medklinn Autoplus with this promo code

By topgear, 02 June 2021

Covid-19 cases are on the rise but not everyone has the luxury of staying at home despite the situation. Those of us who need to stay on the move during this period have to take every precaution we can think of to stay safe. And one of the best moves is to invest in Medklinn Autoplus, a device that tirelessly combats viruses and bacteria without you having to lift a finger once it’s plugged in. 

Medklinn Autoplus uses a patented Cerafusion technology to generate active oxygen that breaks down harmful airborne particles, eliminates bad odours and oxidises volatile organic compounds in a completely natural manner, without releasing any chemicals into the atmosphere.

In the spirit of staying safe, Medklinn is offering a 20 per cent discount off its products exclusively to TopGear Malaysia readers for a limited time. 

Just enter the promo code topgear2368 at checkout to enjoy 20 per cent off Medklinn Autoplus Air+Surface Sterilizers. The discount is also applicable to the Autoplus + Docking Combo. This code is only redeemable via the official Medklinn website from now until 15 June 2021. It’s also limited to the first 200 redemptions, so you better hurry up! 

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