AC Schnitzer has made a 400bhp Toyota Supra

By topgear, 28 November 2019

Some people are displeased about the Toyota GR Supra sharing much of its innards with the BMW Z4. But not German tuner AC Schnitzer. Two entities that have surely never shared a sentence before.

“We are doubly pleased about the cooperation between BMW and Toyota,” says AC Schnitzer. “On the one hand we feel that the new Toyota GR Supra is simply a great sports car, on the other hand the BMW technology built into the vehicle enables us to integrate our core competence into a Toyota model for the first time.”

And so we have this, its first attempt at modifying the most talked about car of 2019 (until the Tesla Cybertruck, at least). It’s naturally not as wild as some of the stuff shown at SEMA, but it’s definitely more real-world. Able to negotiate speed bumps and not guzzle fuel at a lethal rate, in short.

AC Schnitzer has upped the standard 335bhp of the top-rung, six-cylinder Supra to 400bhp. Which perhaps seems tame when you consider the online videos of stock Supras being dyno-ed at 375bhp, but torque has climbed to a very stocky 599Nm, which really ought to make itself felt and slice a good chunk from the standard 4.6sec 0-100kph time.

If you still don’t think that sounds mad enough, then consider that you get a three-year warranty, which we suspect you won’t if you buy one of those batsh*t SEMA cars.

AC Schnitzer Supra
AC Schnitzer Supra
AC Schnitzer Supra

And a bit of extra power is just the tip of the iceberg. This Supra’s also gained a louder exhaust, 25mm-lower (but height-adjustable) coilover suspension and then a seemingly infinite choice of 20in alloy wheels, several of which are pictured above.

The aesthetic makeover also comprises a new carbon wing – with optional Gurney flap – with a corresponding splitter. The bonnet gains some genuinely functional carbon vents.

Like what you see? Or would you prefer your Supra a little less sane?