So, a bunch of Mad Max cars are for sale...

By topgear, 22 September 2021

So, a bunch of Mad Max cars are for sale...

Remember when Mad Max: Fury Road came out in 2015, and everyone made their cute little jokes about the coming apocalypse and how we were probably on the road to a future just like the one depicted in the film? And then remember the six years after that, when everyone just sort of... stopped laughing? Maybe Furiosa was right after all: out here, everything hurts.

But let’s move away from maudlin comparisons of fictional and all-too-real apocalypses and direct our attention to a particularly interesting sale going on in the traditional home of Mad Max Rockatansky. An Australian auction house by the name of Lloyds is offering no fewer than 13 cars, trucks and mechanical monstrosities from Fury Road, each with some serious airtime and decidedly unserious additions.

Like the Doof wagon, for instance, an eight-wheel-drive missile carrier that’s been converted to carry four drummers, one blind guitarist and a wall of sound that’d rival Phil Spector’s. And, coincidentally, is driven in the movie by someone just as unhinged.

The War Rig (i.e. the truck that gets chased for 90 per cent of the movie) is also there, as is Immortan Joe’s Cadillac-based behemoth and Max’s reborn Interceptor, as well as nine more end-of-days jalopies. The only catch? Apparently, if you want one, you’re going to have to take all of them, in one great big job lot. There’s a word for that kind of buyer, but we just can’t put our fingers on it.

How much 13 hand-built, completely insane movie vehicles cost is beyond our reckoning, but it’s likely a hefty chunk of change. Whether or not spending that on these towering testaments to destruction entitles you to ride eternal, shiny and chrome is anyone’s guess. But we’re tipping this’ll get you closer than anyone else has been.