Check out Paul Smith’s new Mini collaboration

By topgear, 13 August 2021

Check out Paul Smith’s new Mini collaboration

Fashion designer Paul Smith first collaborated with Mini way back in 1997. You may have seen the 84-stripe, 24-colour end result of that tie up on t-shirts, pants and just about every other piece of clothing imaginable in the past few decades. 

We’re big fans of this latest project though. Check out the new (one-off) Mini Strip. Essentially, Smith asked the questions “What is it made of?” and “Can we get rid of it?” when working with Mini’s designers - although they only met twice in person due to you-know-what.

The result is a lightweight, stripped-out Mini Electric with a large mouth but otherwise unassuming exterior that’s unpainted and features a number of exposed screws. The interior is where it all happens, though. Five bright colours combine with almost nothing else – it really is bare in there. The steering wheel has been replaced with a bespoke unit that shows off its airbag, the infotainment has been replaced with a phone mount and even the door cards are exchanged for mesh. All very stripped back and fashionable, isn’t it?

The only physical controls are little toggle switches for start/stop and each window.

Smith has gone for a fair few recycled and environmentally friendly materials too. That brown on the dash and doors is actually recycled cork, there’s no sign of any leather and the floor mats are made from recycled rubber. The pillars and roof are left in bare metal with a bright blue paintjob – apparently, it’s to resemble the funky lining of an otherwise plain suit. Nice.

What do we think, Internet? Is there anything in here you’d like to see on future production Minis?