Aprilia unveils eSR2 electric kick scooter

By sep, 26 August 2021

The Aprilia eSR2 electric scooter is the brand's solution to light mobility

The joint-venture between Aprilia and MT Distribution has given birth to the Aprilia eSR2 electric scooter. This motorised kick scooter is said to be the brand's solution to light mobility within urban areas, and we're kind of digging the looks.


Unlike most electric-powered kick scooters that are readily available right now, the Aprilia eSR2 comes with some heavy-duty specs that'll help smoothen out the ride as well as offer connectivity via its integrated app. You'll quickly notice its double front suspension, which helps to absorb all the bumps and vibrations of the road surfaces.


Those chrome-covered forks are also connected to a fat 10-inch tyre (same for rear) to help with the aspect mentioned above. Other specs include a front drum brake, rear electric brake, as well as an all-LED lighting system (front and rear). Recommended price tag? It's 559 Euros, which is around RM2,750.


As for the introduction of its integrated app, the entire system was designed by Italdesign which offers sort of a 'virtual garage' feel that helps owners to stay connected to their electric scooters. You'll most likely need this as the eSR2 is powered by a 288Wh battery, which allows it to travel up to 25km on a single charge. That's Kajang all the way to KLCC.

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