Use lockdown to build your own Lexus LFA

By topgear, 14 January 2021

Lockdown. We’re all jolly sick of it now, right? But needs must, and presuming you’ve already circumnavigated all the streaming services, now it’s time for A HOBBY.

A hobby in conjunction with some sage Top Gear Advice. Don’t aim to write the new King Lear. Don’t even consider trying to crochet a new pair of slippers. Instead, whip out the scissors and Pritt Stick* and make yourself a supercar. Specifically, a V10-powered Japanese supercar.

Lexus has had the good heart to turn its mightiest car of all into a cut-out-and-keep activity. So, scissors or craft knife at the ready - or a scissor-wielding grown-up if you’re of single-digit age (or just plain clumsy) - and let’s get going. Start by right-clicking, saving and printing the image above (on A3 paper, if you can). And if you don’t fancy white, we’ve more colours to choose from at the end of the gallery.

*Other oddly fishy-smelling glue sticks are available


“Cut out the templates, being careful not to leave off the tabs,” says Lexus. “For each of the following steps, you will need to fold and glue each of tabs to the relevant panel.”


“Take the roof panel and attach the two windows.”


“Build the front of the LFA using the two pieces provided. The third piece will be needed at the end.”


“Create the wheels and axles. Roll the black tyres into wheel shapes, folding in the tabs, and then attaching the wheel hub. Create the axles by carefully folding the paper along the lines.”


“Attach the rear to the sides of the LFA and fold it down.”


“Affix the top of the doors to the sides of the car. You can see in the picture that one of the doors has already been attached on the right-hand side.”


“Prepare the underneath of the model. Cut the holes in the black tabs – this will allow the axles to run through the model. Then turn the model upside down. Fold the rear of the car and the holes upwards.”


“Attach the sides of the car using the tabs on the rear and centre of the underbody section.”


“Attach the bonnet to the roof section. Then, working your way from rear to front, attach the roof to the tabs on the side of the car.”


“At this point the LFA should start to take shape. Take one end of the axle and attach the wheel, push it through the holes in the model and attach the other wheel when done. Repeat this for the second axle and wheels.”

“Add the additional front piece (referenced in the early steps) to the bottom. Then attach the front of the car. If building the Nürburgring Edition or racing version, add the spoiler to the rear of the car.

“After these steps, you should have a three-dimensional shape that resembles a Lexus LFA.”


And here’s that Gazoo Racing version to save and print…


…as well as a very classy blue LFA.



bold orange one. You’ve got a soaring ten-cylinder engine in there, why not make the exterior panels similarly loud?

Best of luck. We’ve already glued an axle to our eyebrow.