[AD] 'Level up' your car's hygiene with ENZO Car Mat

By sep, 31 December 2021

{Advertisement Feature} Keeping your car clean & hygienic for the family gets better & easier with ENZO Car Mat

If you love driving around on road trips with the family during the school holidays, or just a quick trip to the drive-through for a lovely meal, keeping your car clean and hygienic can be a massive task to maintain. Drinks and snacks might get spilled, and most car mats are not up to the task to deliver a brilliant performance of easy cleaning. Enter the latest ENZO Car Mat.

The usual car mats can be a pain to clean (especially the after-market coiled mats aka 'Maggie' mats) and even more stressful to wait for them to dry before putting them back in the car, which is why one of the best solutions to solve all of those problems is with the ENZO Car Mat as all of them are waterproof, durable, odour-free, and eco-friendly.

It's also custom-made to fit your vehicle perfectly for maximum coverage while maintaining its sleek and premium look. No matter what car you drive, the ENZO Car Mat will not look out of place. In fact, it'll most likely enhance the overall look and feel of your car's cabin.

The best part of all? ENZO Car Mats are integrated with the latest Japanese Silver Ion technology which kills 99.9% of bacteria, and that's the sort of long-term hygienic solution you need for your car and family.

Compared to the normal car mats which tend to absorb all the spilled drinks and snacks before spilling over to the other parts of the car (or seep through to make a worse mess under it), ENZO Car Mat's waterproof nature plus trap holes keep everything in place before the nasty stains are easily washed off with a nice spray of water.

It's also very fast to dry but if you're in a hurry, a quick wipe with a clean cloth or towel is all you need to get it prepped and ready again for the long and clean journey ahead. Even when wet, its dual anti-slip and anti-bacterial properties offer enhanced safety and cleanliness, especially for the driver. No slips and slides with ENZO Car Mat, folks.

For the usual dust and debris, only three steps are required to get them cleaned - Tap, Spray, and Dry. It's so simple, you can actually do it anytime and anywhere, even at the petrol station. The ENZO Car Mat is infinitely easier to clean as compared to the coiled mats which tend to hold on to dirt and grime, and none of us want that, right?

To get your very own ENZO Car Mat, head over to www.enzo.my to place an order for a premium custom-made car mat today (Use our code TOPGEAR8 from 31 Dec 2021 to 5 January 2022 to enjoy an 8% discount). The linings are available in four colours of your choosing - Red, Blue, Grey, and Black. If there's ever a time and place to upgrade your car's overall cleanliness plus the ease to clean any nastiness on the mats, it would be now and with the latest ENZO Car Mat!